Student, Politics & Democracy in Nepal, 1940-2008

Meena Ojha is a well known Nepalese political analyst.

His new book, Student, Politics & Democracy in Nepal, 1940-2008 has just been published by Nirala Publications.

Up-to-date and authentic, empirical and original, Student, Politics & Democracy in Nepal looks at the turbulent chapters of Nepalese history from a fresh angle. Offering a fine fusion of journalism and contemporary history, Meena Ojha examines the role of student movements in shaping the fate and future of contemporary Nepal, and asks several formidable questions —

  • What may be the causes of student movements?
  • Why do only students initiate movement and remain at the forefront?
  • What are the causes, and results of the movements?
  • Where and who make the plans and programs of the movements?”

Based on first hand research including interviews of over a hundred student leaders, posters, booklets, leaflets, bulletins and several materials provided by different student organizations, the book opens new doors to understand the ongoing political commotion that at the moment seems to draw worldwide attention.

Student, Politics & Democracy in Nepal, 1940-2008
by Meena Ojha. ISBN 81-8250- 025-7 2012. Hard pp.437. Rs. 795.

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