David Austell’ s Garuda & Other Poems of Astral Plains Launched in London


American poet David Austell’s second book of poems, Garuda & Other Poems of Astral Plains  was launched with fellow Nirala poet Yuyutsu Sharma at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden, London today.

Garuda is David Austell’s second book of poems and has been published by Nirala Publications, New Delhi.

The launch took place at the Survivors Poets’ reading. British poet Jazzman John Clarke conducted the launch part of the event. Clarke introduced David Austell and read a poem, ‘Ophelia’, from the book.

Yuyutsu considered the launch first of its kind as David Austell was able to participate in the event from New York City with the help from Skype. Austell read two sections of the title poem, “Garuda”. He explained how book came into its current shape and called Garuda ‘a healing deity’ as mythological bird god and vehicle of lord Vishnu attempted to get Nectar of Life from Heavens to free his mother from slavery. He thanked the British poets and artists present at the event.

Scores of poet and singers including Dave Russel, Hath Tait, Ingrid Andrew and others performed at the monthly event of poetry and music hosted by Xochitl.
Yuyutsu is currently in London and came here to participate in Poetry Parnassus, gathering of world poets at the South Bank to celebrate London Olympics.

–Suresh Kumar