Ten: The New Indian poets

5Edited and Selected by Jayanta Mahapatra & Yuyutsu Sharma

Ten is a groundbreaking anthology of fresh poetry from India just published by Nirala Publications. World renowned Indian poet Jayanta Mahapatra along with Yuyutsu Sharma selects ten poets writing in English to show case vivacious colours of new India. The majority of the poets included here come from humble middle class families, working silently and selflessly, serving the Muse without any hope of high material gain or media hype. In this light, the anthology bears testimony to hidden creative commotion feeding the flames of vigorous poetry alive in little known islands of the contemporary Indian culture.

  1. Anupama Raju.
  2. Rabindra K. Swain.
  3. Malovika Pawar.
  4. Soni Wadhwa.
  5. Rumjhum Biswas.
  6. Sudeep Sen.
  7. Nabanita Kanungo.
  8. Yuyutsu Sharma.
  9. Robin S Ngangom.
  10. Kympham Sing Nongkynrih.

Ten: The New Indian Poets, Hard, pp136 Rs. 295 Indian Only

ISBN 81-8250-034-6.

3 thoughts on “Ten: The New Indian poets

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  2. I am interested In your New Indian Poets book and any book(s) you might have by Nabanita Kanungo, but as I live in the United States I would need to get prices in dollars, etc. Any information you could provide me with would be great!


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