Pratik’s Winter 2018-19 Issue Released

The current issue has special focus on Contemporary Russian and French Poetry. It features new work by fourteen Russian Poets including Dmitry Grigoriev, Alla Gorbunova, Olga Anikina Andrei Polonsky, Danila Davydov, John William Narins, Anastasia Romanova, Dmitry Legeza, Igor Karaulov. Valerii Zemskikh, Dina Gatina, Maya-Marina Sheremeteva, Irina Evsa and Serge Tashevsky. An essay “Russian Poetry Today: A Contemporary Sampler” by A. DMITRIJANOV has been included as a prelude to the Russian Section.
The Winter Issue also presents Eleven French poets including Michel Bulteau , Gabriel Arnou Laujeac, Maram Al-Masri, Hélène Cardona, Véronique Joyaux, Marie-Claude Deudon, Jean-Claude Tardif, Pierre Rosin, Nicole Barrière, Claire Paulian, Cirène Gayraud and Jacques Jouet. It also has special France related poems by Four American poets namely, Willis Barnstone, David Austell, Robin Metz, and Rebecca Morrison

Plus it has new work of non-fiction American Authors, Susan Shapiro and Elizabeth Enslin and a short story by leading Hindi writer, Pankaj Bisht
The artist of the Issue is Lithuanian sculptor and painter, Ruta Jusionytė.

In addition, new work by Tim Kahl, Amrendra Khatua, Usha Akella, Shailendra Sakar. Chuck Joy and Raghubir Sharma has been showcased. Besides, Haig Chahinian’s review of Susan Shapiro’s The Byline Bible, George Wallace’s review of All Vows: New & Selected Poems By David B Axelrod, Edmound Miller’s review of Diane Frank’s Letters from Sacred Mountain Place and Jeff’s Deck review Dan Szczesny’s The White Mountain are the highlights of the Issue. Stephanie Laterza Review Essay focused on Voices Carry (Shearsman Books, 2017) by Mervyn Taylor, Drugstore Blue (Five Oaks Press, 2017) by Susana H. Case, and Out From Calaboose (Nirala, New Delhi, 2017) by Karen Corinne Herceg has also been included in the Winter Issue of Pratik.

Winter Issue of Pratik available in North America on, Special focus Contemporary Russian and French Poetry…

Winter Issue now on Amazon India!

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