New Release : Dancing in Place: Poems by S. Renay Sanders

Dancing in Place: Poems  by S. Renay Sanders ISBN  978-8182500488 Paperback pp 64 Rs 395


Chock full of song and timbre and truth on every page, Renay Sander’s Dancing in Place is an intimate look into the landscape of Northern Ohio’s working class. Metal lunch boxes, lace-up boots; women in pert party dresses with Bibles tucked safely in their purses, this collection showcases the realities, the courage and honor it takes for “hometown’ culture to survive urban growth. The way people living in these communities lean into one another to preserve the rich roots of where it all began – with the music. The tempo of the rain hitting the ground, the cadence of cicadas; from those early primal connections fixed in mountain music, to Polka, to Rock and Roll, to Up Town Funk.

“Believe me reader, you will feel the beat.” — Kari Gunter-Seymour Author of Serving, Poet Laureate, Athens, OH

“Dancing in Place delivers a generous serving of poetry from a lady with her sleeves rolled up at the all-night cafeteria across from the music club. Memories, characters, emotions, experience, all the ingredients. Savor the word song.” —Chuck Joy, Poet Laureate, Erie County PA

“Renay Sander’s poems celebrate post industrial Cleveland while hearkening back to her Appalachian roots. These are lyrics laced with wry humor and raw emotion that dance “in the light of the full now moon.” Feel their pull and sway.” —Ray MacNeice, author of Love Song for Cleveland, host of the Tongue-in-Groove poetry jam

The voice in Renay Sanders’ debut collection, Dancing in Place, is both knowing and pondering. Exploration of the ethereal realm of a veiled bridge or a ghostly fiddle bow is skillfully balanced against the tangible world of metal lunch boxes and AM radio in a parked car. These are poems of place: Cleveland’s blue collar, rock and roll history; a homespun mountain landscape; the inner life of spirit. The reader is guided into the particular atmosphere of each via the poet’s deft images, her clear and nearly audible voice.” Barbara Sabol, author of Solitary Spin

Anand Vijay Gurung’s Dandelion Snow & Verses from Other Cities, Other Worlds.

Dandelion Snow & Verses from Other Cities, Other Worlds by Anand Vijay Gurung ISBN 978-8182500716 Paperback pp 90 Rs 295


Dandelion Snow is a compelling anthology of fresh work by a vibrant young Nepalese poet. Bursting with rich imagery, the book begins with a rapturous recollection of the poet’s travels in the Himalayas and moves on to sketch his freewheeling travels in and around India, South-East Asia, the Middle East and Western Europe. The poet evokes the bustle of Mumbai, the charisma of Tel Aviv and Istanbul and captures the sights and sounds of life along the European rivers in his poignant verses. Like the terminals he crossed during his travels, his poems aspire to set out into the whole wide world of brand new possibilities. Akin to the different modes of transport Anand took to reach his desired destinations, his verses are charged with a vital energy that at times leads to an enduring calm that one attains after a pilgrimage or meditation.

“This debut poetry collection marks the birth of a wondrous voice in the world of Nepalese writing in English.” —Yuyutsu Sharma, Himalayan Poet, author of Annapurna Poems and A Blizzard in my Bones: New York Poems

“The book has served truth with simplicity.” — Dr. Tara Nath Sharma, travel writer and literary critic on Journalism & Journeys (2012)

“Colloquial and perceptive, the book exposes the vagaries of journalism beyond professional realms.” —The Kathmandu Post

“Everyone one should read this book because it is about our nation today. It shows the beauty of Nepal and is both entertaining and enjoyable.” — D B Gurung, Poet and Novelist.