Upcoming Nirala release American poet Ellen Lytle’s Marvel (the word)

Ellen Lytle : Marvel (the word) ISBN 978-81-951915-6-7 pp.112

‘elle lytle’s beautifully written poems have made a marvelous book’…

Michael Graves/ Preparing the Apology

‘The elegance and ease with which Ellen’s poems present themselves is charming, disarming and welcoming. But within their subtlety and lightness there lies great depth and power. Ellen is well worth reading and rereading’…

John S Hall/ poet and lead vocalist (King Missile)

‘exciting when the words set foot uninvited’… Ellen Aug Lytle writes. A pot luck dinner party where every random bite is a delicacy: ‘a mile high cupcake’/ Her dog, ‘an old guy, barking for his walk to the bank, just one biscuit’…

Jill Hoffman/ The Gates of Pearl/ founding editor of Mudfish

ellen aug lytle’s poetry finds a beautiful depth in our everyday experiences and struggles.  She conjures sensuous images, unexpected metaphors that startle us into realizing how extraordinary life is with all its challenge and wonder…

Patricia Lynne Duffy/ blue cats and chartreuse kittens; how synesthete color their world; Henry Holt & Company

ok, new yorkers, ok world! finally, and at last ellen lytle has unleashed the full dynamo of her decades in the poetry salt mines…’ 

— Bob Holman

Ellen Lytle

American poet ellen wendy (‘windy’) aug lytle, a former journalist, and newspaper reporter/editor, from nyc and rupert, vermont/ who currently, in dribs and drabs, wants to finish her memoir/novel ‘bad fit’/ three books of poetry including, lettuce afternoon; ikon press, american goods; ikon press; homefront; nyq press (currently on amazon) / two books of fiction: mss; linear arts press ; factory fish; linear arts press / awards include columbia university; surgam literary award;1st prize; hudson valley writer’s award; prize for the month / a former photographic model for 15 minutes!/  she sketches, paints, adores art, music and language/ a mom/grandma in love w/children, animals, dance and baking/ elle lives in new york city (has taught writing for 5 years at the bronx community college, now teaches for poets & writers, inc./ aug lytle studied ‘the craft of poetry’ and playwriting w/william packard; nyu and hb studios;1975-79/ her archives are in the ‘special collections’ of the fales library, at ny university

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