Annapurna Poems
Yuyutsu RD Sharma
ISBN 81-8250-013-5 2008 Hard pp.150 Rs. 295

After Tagore
Poems Inspired by Rabindranath Tagore
David Ray
ISBN 81-8250-007-9 2007 Hard pp. 115 Rs. 295

Hunger of Our Huddled Huts
& Other Poems
Yuyutsu R.D.
ISBN 81-85693-80-3 2007 pp.65 Rs. 95

Poems Selected and New (An English/Nepali Bilingual Edition)
Cathal O Searcaigh
Translated from the Gaelic by Seamus Heaney,
John Montague and others
Translated into the Nepali by Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma
ISBN 81-8250-006-0 2006 Hard pp. 105 Rs. 250

The Lake Fewa & a Horse
Poems New
Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma
ISBN 81-85693-34-X 2005 Paper pp. 108 Rs. 125

Muna Madan
A Play in the Jhyaure Folk Tradition
Laxmi P. Devkota
Translated from the Nepali by Anand P. Shrestha
ISBN 978-8185693941 2000 pp.65 Rs. 150

Fever (Short Stories)
Sita Pandey
Translated from the Nepali
ISBN 81-85693-93-5 2001 Paper pp.96 Rs. 95

Says Meera
An Anthology of Devotional Songs of Meera,
India’s Greatest Woman Poet
Translated from the Hindi by Vijay Munshi
ISBN 81-85693-96-X 2001 Paper pp.76 Rs. 195

Some Female Yeti & other Poems
Yuyutsu R.D.
ISBN 81-8250-010-9 2007 pp.68 Rs. 95

In the City of Partridges (Poems)
Jagdish Chatturvedi
ISBN 81-85693-99-4 2004 Paper pp.90 Rs. 95

Roaring Recitals: Five Nepali Poets
Gopal Prasad Rimal, Bhupi Sherchan, Shailendra & Others
Translated from the Nepali by
Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma
ISBN 81-85693-95-1 1999 Hard pp.99 Rs. 150

Summer Rain
Three Decades of Poetry
K. Satchidanandan
ISBN 81-85693-90-0 1995 Paper pp.188 Rs. 150

Sheet of Snow
An Anthology of Stories from the Himalayas
Translated from the Nepali by Nagendra Sharma
ISBN 81-85693-61-7 1997 paper pp.125 Rs. 95

Dispossessed Nests: The 1984 Poems
Jayanta Mahapatra
ISBN 81-85693-74-9 1986 pp.69 Paper Rs. 150

To the Battlefield on an Elephant
Columns of Fire
Tara Nath Sharma
ISBN 81-85693-44-7 1999 pp.164 paper Rs. 195

The Change
A Novel based on the 1990 Democratic Upsurge in Nepal
Rishikeshab Raj Regmi
ISBN 81-85693-62-5 2001 pp.125 Rs. 95

Blackout (A Novel)
Tara Nath Sharma
Translated from the Nepali by Larry Hartsell
ISBN 81-85693-82-X 1990 pp.122 Rs. 100

Elysium in the Halls of Hell
Poems about India David Ray
ISBN 81-85693-84-6 1991 pp.160 Rs. 125

A Prayer in Daylight (Poems)
Yuyutsu R.D.
ISBN 81-85693-72-2 1984 paper pp.68 Rs. 95

Dying in Rajasthan (Short Stories)
Ramanand Rathi
ISBN 81-85693-71-4 1985 pp.62 Rs. 95

The Black Sun (A Novel)
Bharat Jungam
ISBN 81-85693-84-6 1985 pp.78 Rs. 125


Panaharu Khalichan : Kavitaka Dui Dashak (Poems)
Yuyustu R.D. Sharma
Hard (Forthcoming)
ISBN 81-8250-004-4 2007 Paper pp. 102 Rs. 150

Pashushala (Animal Farm) (A Novel)
Georege Orwell
Translated from the English by Bijuli Prasad Kayast
ISBN 81-8250-000-1 2004 Paper pp.96 Rs. 95

Nepalko Prajatantrik Andolan Ko Itihas
Surya Mani Adhikary
ISBN 81-85693-54-4 1998 Paper pp.468 Rs. 295

Geetajanjali (Nepali)
Rabindra Nath Tagore
Translated from the Bengali by
Ramesh Bhatta & Pashupati Neopane
ISBN 81-85693-83-8 2000 Paper pp.125 Rs. 95

Sarpahoru Geet Sundainan
Poems by Shailendra Sakar
ISBN 81-85693-97-8 1991 Hard pp.108 Rs. 95

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