The Mystery over Lord Buddha's Roots: An Analysis of the Mystery of the Shakya Kingdom

The Mystery over Lord Buddha’s Roots: An Analysis of the Mystery of the Shakya Kingdom

Mitsuaki Kojima 

ISBN: 8182500567

Edition: 2014

pp.165 Hard Rs.495

Lumbini Cover

Prince Siddhartha, born in Lumbini, Nepal, over 2,500 years ago and raised at the Castle Kapilabastu but left the Castle to become a Buddha, great thinker and sage. There remains mystery about the location of the Kapila Castle, the historical and cultural background of why he left the Castle, giving up his prestigious position as Crown Prince, and how Shakya Kingdom vanished in the jungle. Over the centuries there emerged a dynamic population flow of the Aryan race from Europe to the Indian subcontinent and causing a racial fusion with an indigenous population. The author also points out how the Buddha teachings such as equality, human welfare to live naturally in accordance with the providence of life and non-violence must have
Traveled far and wide and influenced the subsequent development of philosophical frameworks and religions across the Eurasian Continent.

Mitsuaki Kojima is a distinguished Japanese policy essayist on global and domestic issues.

He has served as the Ambassador of Japan to Nepal and Ambassador to Luxembourg and held important posts in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs such as Deputy Director of Disarmament Division, Director of Research Division and South American Division respectively, and also Managing Director of Planning Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency.

He obtained a Master’s degree in Economics from Keio University, as well as a Master’s in Political Science from Yale University. Kojima was accorded The Grand-Croix de l’Ordre du Merite in Luxembourg in March 2006. Currently, he works as President, the Japan Nepal Society and lives in Tokyo.