Ramanand Rathi


Distinguished Hindi writer from Rajasthan was born in a small village,Gunti of the Raath province on Jaipur­­­- Delhi highway.

Rathi began his career as Zoologist at Rajasthan University but soon quit his prestigious research position and became a free lance fiction writer and a journalist.

His published books, include Eek Sakshaheen Maut, Short Stories, (Panchsheel Prakashan, Jaipur,) Kala Ke Sarokar, a collection of essays by leading Hindi writers on contemporary art and aesthetics (Rachna Prakashan, Jaipur), Gunti ka Antim Pathaan, (Kalamkar, Jaipur), Vishambhar Dayal: Sashatra Kranti ke Rajasthani Mahanayak, a biography of the Indian freedom fighter from Rajasthan, and several books on the cultural heritage of the Raath Province of Rajasthan.

His work has been translated into several languages including Nepali, Gujrati, Urdu, Punjabi, and French and Nirala has published a Selection of his short stories in English as Dying in Rajasthan.

Nirala shall soon publish his travelogue on Nepal, entitled; Kaath ke Kanpte Ghar.

Advisor to several literary and cultural institutes, Rathi is working on his collection of new short stories. He lives in New Delhi and Jaipur.

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