Annapurnas and Stains of Blood:

scan0126 copyA highly engrossing account of world’s youngest republic passing through great historic transformation.

Internationally known poet and columnist for several dailies including The Himalayan Times and The Kathmandu Post, Yuyutsu RD Sharma for the first time brings alive the secret commotion behind the great change in Himalayan nation that the whole world has been watching curiously.

In his lucent prose, he puts together his best to unleash the myriad colors of violence in the contemporary Nepal and in the rest of the world during his legendry travels.

Terror on the deserted Nepalese highways, merciless butchering of innocent Nepali workers in Baghdad, dismal day of London Bombing, murder of Theo van Gogh, the State of emergency in India, the book captures rare moments in contemporary history that readers would treasure not just for themselves but for the posterity.

Here you will find a distinguished poet churning out his best prose, at best of his poetic capabilities.

Annapurnas and Stains of Blood:
Life, Travels and Writing on a Page of Snow
by Yuyutsu Sharma.
ISBN81-8250-012-5 New Delhi-2 2010.
Non-Fiction Hard. Rs. 395.

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