Nepal: Missing Elements in Development Thinking

by Gunanidhi Sharma

Nepal: Missing Elements in Development, an outcome of Gunanidhi Sharma’s recent researches, sheds light on the development thinking required for the realization of greater nationhood and self-sufficiency.

The book begins with a brief survey of the scenario of economic development in Nepal and the potential it possesses to strengthen democracy at the grass root levels.

Employing the most recent empirical data available, Sharma analyses the present economic position of Nepal as explained by internal and external forces undermining her will to remain economically and politically consolidated.

The book pinpoints the economic hardships of Nepal, focusing on issues like Nepal’s quest for industrialization, role of aid in Nepal’s development, interest rate and its place in economic decision making, growing rural urban dichotomy and question of development planning.

Aggressive on Nepal’s recent drive towards aggressive liberalization, privatization and deregulation, Sharma examines the basic constraints of the economy that have dragged Nepal’s economic performance behind.

In addition to this, issues like policies of foreign exchange and balance of payments, price in Nepal, private sector investments, policies of devaluation, Nepalese monetary sector, international monetary relations and money supply analysis are at length discussed.

Missing Elements in Development Thinking claims to formulate an agenda to usher Nepal’s democracy into an era of prosperity and self-reliance.

Nepal: Missing Elements in Development Thinking
by Gunanidhi Sharma.
ISBN 81-85693-66-8 2000. Hard pp.282. Rs. 295.

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