Everest Failures

Everest Failures is a stunning book of twenty five new and selected poems by the subcontinent’s foremost voice. Here are poems of great depth and intensity. Brief and epigrammatic, these are tiny temples of faith. Virtually striking and full blooded, they cover wide range of subjects and locations, racing from the Himalayan rooftops to the deserts of Rajasthan, moving onto London’s Temple Tube station, an artists’ village in Amsterdam and Den Haag’s lurid lanes lighted with its window dolls. Sensual, sanguine and surreal, they capture fate and fatigue of tireless porters, moods of the Himalayan people and rivers, a morning walk along the life’s sad edge, the blood stains from Iraq and incredible vitality and happiness of the poorest population of the world.

A treasure to be preserved, this is an actual pillow book where eroticism fuses with the bitter truths of life and soothes your soul, keeping you alive even in the most mundane moments of life.

Everest Failures
Twenty Five Short Poems
Yuyutsu RD Sharma
White Lotus Book Shop.
ISBN 978-99946-2500-1 2008.
Rs. 95.00.

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