Lizard Licking, Donegal & Other Poems

Lizard Licking and other poems front cover

Lizard Licking, Donegal & Other Poems. ISBN – 81-8250-033-8 2011. Paper. Rs. 395

Lizard Licking, Donegal & Other Poems is an exciting anthology of poems from a fresh American voice.

Hammering on words in isolation, Diane Hamilton here weaves a myth of a family, of love and loss.

Solemn and tragic, these very American poems attempt to seek roots of a family, of a father who got lost in the neighboring street, of a mother who was Job’s comforter, of a friend who died in an explosion.

Diane has power to be intense without being melodramatic, of remaining passionate without being obtuse or erudite. “Like a tropical breeze,” her poems are “slow and patient /like a worm, /like the wind.”

Simplicity of Diane’s voice will win the hearts of the readers she has won over many continents.

Diane Hamilton’s distinctive voice and imaginative, inventive poems will surprise you.  Her surreal images and moving poems of love and passion, birth and rebirth, carry the art of writing poetry to exciting new locales—everywhere from Ireland to the prom in Jim Thorpe and late night surgery at the Heartbreak Motel” — Barbara Daniels

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