Mother’s Hand: Selected Poems — A Bilingual English/Nepali Anthology by Jidi Majia released

Mother’s Hand: Selected Poems — A Bilingual English/Nepali Anthology Paperback – 2019 by Jidi Majai  (Author), Yuyutsu RD Sharma (Translator)  ISBN: 978-8182500174 Paperback pp 96

Jidi Majia is an internationally known Chinese poet and writer of the Yi nationality.

Translated from the Nepali by renowned Himalayan Poet, Yuyutsu RD Sharma, The Mother’s Hand is a marvelous bilingual selection of poems. The book bears testimony to a scared bond that there exists among the poets of the world, defying all borders, languages and creed. Majia evokes the indigenous world of his birth place, Greater Liangshan, Sichuan and of his Yi community along with a a celebration of contemporary China. Yuyutsu considers Jidi ‘a Chinese Himalayan poet’ and see the poet’s affinity with the mountain world as chief fountain of Majia’s creative world. These powerful translations shining with energy of the crystal clear Himalayan Rivers will leave a lasting impact on the readers of this ennobling bilingual book.

Jidi Majia … not only a wondrous poet but, as a cultural force for the transformation of the world through the infusions of the art of poetry, … deserving of the Nobel Prize for Literature, if ever any writer was deserving of it. In all the countries I’ve visited to read my works, I’ve never seen a more radiant homage to Poetry than what China has manifested through the energy of Jidi Majia.”

Jack Hirschman, American poet

“The poet has opened a door here that any one of us can walk through. What the Snow Leopard and his amanuensis, Jidi Majia, offer is an intelligence that transcends ethnicity, nationalism, even cultural epistemology.”

Barry Lopez, American author, essayist, and fiction writer on Jidi Majia’s I, Snow Leopard

“Jidi Majia’s poems and literary speeches are lyrical, rich in ideas and beautiful to read. His speeches read like maps of the world, and the road map to the spiritual development missing in the last decades as human beings mark great progress in technology.

Philo Ikonya, writer, journalist and human rights activist, Kenya

“Jidi Majia has never stopped being what he always was, a great soul who emerged from among an indigenous group in south western China and undertook to bridge his people’s ethos with the realities of the outer world. For Jidi Majia the project of articulating his identities as a Nuosu, as a Chinese, and as a world citizen are in no way mutually exclusive.

Denis Mair,  American poet and translator,

Jidi Majia is an internationally known Chinese poet and writer of the Yi nationality. He was born 1961 in Daliangshan, Sichuan and educated at Chinese Department, Southwest University for Nationalities. He has held several important positions including lieutenant-governor of Qinghai.  Currently, he serves as the president of China Minority Literary Association and permanent vice-president of China Poetry Association.

Widely traveled poet, Majia has published over 20 collections of poetry in many languages and has won many important literary prizes, both in China and abroad including the Zhuangzhong Literary Prize, the Sholokhov Memorial Medal, a Certificate for Outstanding Contributions in Poetry from the Bulgarian Writers Association and  the Rougang Poetry Achievement Award.

Since 2007, Majia has sponsored the biennial First Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival and chaired the Festival’s organizing committee. He is also director of the review committee for Gold Tibetan Antelope International Award for Poetry. Books of his poetry have been published in English, French, Spanish, Czech, Serbian, Korean, Polish, German and other languages. He has led numerous China Writers Association and China Youth delegations to participate in international activities.