The Other Voice offers a bonus reading this spring featuring well-known Himalayan Poet Yuyutsu Sharma.

The Other Voice, sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, offers a bonus reading this spring featuring well-known Himalayan Poet Yuyutsu Sharma.
Allegra Silberstein will open for Yuyutsu making this a very special occasion.
DATE/TIME:           TUESDAY June 28, 2016, 7:30 p.m.  
ADDRESS:             27074 Patwin Road, Davis (in the library)
Refreshments and open mic follow the reading
Yuyutsu Sharma is a distinguished poet and translator. He is currently the Visiting Poet at Columbia University in New York and will visit Argentina in June to participate in the International Poetry Festival in Buenos Aires. 
Yuyutsu has published nine poetry collections including,  A Blizzard in my Bones: New York Poems (Nirala, 2016), Quaking Cantos: Nepal Earthquake Poems, (Nirala, 2016),  Milarepa’s Bones, 33 New Poems, (Nirala, 2012),  and  Nepal Trilogy, Photographs and Poetry on Annapurna, Everest, Helambu & Langtang ( ) Two books of his poetry, Poemes de l’ Himalayas(L’Harmattan, Paris) and Poemas de Los Himalayas (Cosmopoeticia, Cordoba, Spain) just appeared in French and Spanish respectively.
quake cover final
He is the recipient of fellowships and grants from The Rockefeller Foundation; Ireland Literature Exchange; Trubar Foundation, Slovenia; The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature and The Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature.
Widely traveled, he has read his works at several prestigious venues and  held workshops in creative writing and translation at Queen’s University, Belfast; University of Ottawa; South Asian Institute; Heidelberg University, Germany; University of California, Davis; Sacramento State University and New York University.  
a blizzard-final
When he is not traveling the world reading his poetry and conducting workshops, Yuyutsu spends his time trekking in the Himalayas.
Allegra Silberstein Poet Laureate Emerita of the City of Davis has been widely published in journals and in several anthologies.  Her chapbooks include Acceptance by Small Poetry Press; In the Folds by Rattlesnake Review and Through Sun-glinting Particlespublished by Parallel Press in Madison, Wisconsin.  In 2015, her book, West of Angels was published by Cold River Press.  She is also the long time host of The Other Voice. 

Yuyutsu Sharma's Upcoming May-June Reading

Yuyu at NYU


Tuesday May 31st, 5:45 – 7:45

Yuyutsu Sharma ‘s  Reading at Ken Siegelman’s Brooklyn Poetry Outreach, at Brooklyn Public Library, Park Slope Branch, 431 6th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215Hosted by Anthony Vigorito

Wednesday June 1st, 5:45 – 7:00

quake cover-2

Yuyutsu Sharma at Rubin Museum: Honoring Nepal in Poetry and Film, Himalayan Heritage Meet at The Rubin Museum of Art150 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011 Phones: 212.620.5000, 212.620.5000×344




June 7 –June 11

Yuyutsu Sharma as Guest Poet at XI Festival Internacional de Poesía de Buenos Aires. 2016


June 11, 2016 4:00 pm to 5;30

Yuyutsu Sharma to read at Festival de la Poesia de la India hosted by The Indian Embassy in Bueos Aries in collaboration with Universidad Abierta Interamerica University at Aula Magna, UAI Av San Juan 983



Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 6:30

Yuyutsu Sharma at Port Jefferson Free Library, 631 473-0022 100 Thompson Street Port Jefferson, NY, 11777, 631-473-0022 Fax: 631-473-2903 info@portjefflibrary.orgHosted by Kat Lamberg

Bliaard front

Tuesday, June 18, 2016 at 6:30

Celebrating the Soul of the Himalayas:  A Poetry Reading with Yuyutsu Sharma Windsor at YogaSole, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Registration required $10 with a Glass of Wine,  YogaSole • 254 Windsor Place • Brooklyn, New York 11215 • 718-541-1382 •



Wednesday, June 22, 7 to 9 p.m.

Yuyutsu Sharma as feature poet at Wine-Me on  204 South Beach Street Daytona Beach 386-871-7769.The program is presented by Volusia County Poet Laureate Dr. David B. Axelrod,, or call 386-337-4567




Monday, June 27th 7:30 pm
Yuyutsu Sharma to read with  Arturo Mantecón at Sacramento Poetry Center
Hosted by Wendy Williams, Sacramento Poetry Center 1719 25th St between Q and R,
Saturday, July 2nd Time TBD
Yuyutsu Sharma reading at Asian Diaspora with
Jassi Bassi, Rhony Bhopla, Meera Klein, Heera Kulkarni
Sacramento Poetry Center 1719 25th St between Q and R,
TUESDAY June 28, 2016, 7:30 p.m.
Yuyutsu Sharma at the library of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, 27074 Patwin Rd, Davis CA 95616 Hosted by Allegra Silberstein






June 29 (Details follow)

yuyu tree Nepal_Trilogie_MED

Unveiling the Final Cover Image of Quaking Cantos: Nepal Earthquake Poems

quaking final last

Praise for
Yuyutsu RD Sharma’s Quaking Cantos: Nepal Earthquake Poems

What can a poet do who has planted a foot in each of two worlds, when the earth gives way under one foot? Yuyutsu Sharma has taken up the tools of his craft and expertly begun the process of healing and rebuilding his homeland. In a series of touching outcries, observations, and laments, he bears witness to the ravages of the earthquake in Nepal. But more so, the poems he creates to restore his own balance, help us all understand the fragility of our human condition.
Dr. David B. Axelrod, Volusia County, Florida, Poet Laureate

There are several things immediately noticeable in Yuyu Sharma’s very powerful Quaking Cantos. The poetic form is fairly unusual (the poems are jagged and rapid fire), and even when you bind the short lines tightly in couplets, this does not relieve the feel of sharp edges. There is a great deal of fractured enjambment, for example The earth/opened up/ her jaws… (from “Nipple”) to the point that the poems themselves seem broken. This is highly successful and effective given the very difficult subject matter. Yuyu’s approach to the challenge of form in the Cantos is that of a master. The anger and grief expressed from poem to poem (and even within poems) pop up very quickly then subside like an aftershock. The reader is then often left with some indelible image: a crying lamb, a grandmother who has just died, a baby searching for the sustenance of a mother’s breast. The poetic form certainly enhances this, but it is the images, which are so electric. These are wonderful, troubling, and moving poems. It must have drained Yuyu to the core to write of such catastrophe.
Dr. David Austell, Columbia University, New York

“We cannot leave the reconstruction of the damage done by the earthquake to the conservators alone. Yuyutsu Sharma turns the devastation into vivid poetry to humanize the pain and revive the gracious dignified and loving spirit of the Nepali people in a moment of insurmountable grief, preserving the majestic and mystical ambiance of their ancient artifacts.”
Eckhart Nickel, German novelist & Journalist,

Wasted rubble and cracked-open hearts. Homes, people, and animals destroyed. These rare, raw, and beautiful poems plead with gods and earth in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in Nepal. This must-read book creates an unbroken bridge to understanding the depths of this crisis.”
Kathryn Kysar, author of Pretend the World and Dark Lake, chair of creative writing, Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Heartrending and poetic in convoking past and present souls to embrace the essence of spiritual virtue. Beautifully written, my tears fall for all…
Penny Kline, Poet, Actor, Founding Artistic Director of Ovation Stage, Sacramento, CA

Yuyutsu Sharma’s soulfully written earthquake dispatches emanate poetically from the deepest core of the earth’s movement, in the shape and spirituality of the “cantos” of place, where at one time or another we all find ourselves: mirrored in lake and mountain reflections of space and history—pondering on life and loss, hearts “quaking” in the memories of grounded images, but seeking the path for transcendence. We find this transcendent hope in Yuyutsu’s poetic chronicles–beauteous images in words depicting the passage of time, culture, landscape, and spirit.
Kathleen D. Gallagher Poet, Senior Lecturer of English at the University of Akron/Wayne College, author, I See Things are Falling, Editor, Eternal Snow: An Anthology of Poems

In their panoramic sweep, headlong rushing catalogues, visionary moments, their courage and compassion, numinous imagery, and beautiful music, Yuyutsu Sharma’ Quaking Cantos are worthy of comparison to “The Sleepers” of Whitman.
These poems will shake the attentive reader like the quakes they witness. In the dramatic immediacy of their confrontation with the cosmos and powers beyond comprehension or control—powers that seem to have gone utterly mad–they recreate the terror and terrible beauty of what Rudolf Otto has called “The Holy.
As one small example of the flood Sharma provides, consider the conclusion of “A Burning Sun”: in which for a moment a woman has left her baby kicking alone, outside playfully at the eye of heaven:
And it hit again,
the second time, right there,
burying her shoulder
deep under a pile
of mud and damp bricks,
leaving her son
bare and howling
in the bleeding eye
of the growling sun.
Michael Graves, author of Outside St. Jude’s Adam and Cain, Illegal Border Crosser and In Fragility

Reading Yuyutsu´s poetry is to be there with him, at the edge of the abyss, and with tears stained eyes, sing to a new dawn.
Gorka Lasa Poet, essayist, visual artist and editor. Panama

Quaking Cantos is a tribute to the resilience and tenacity of the mountain folk. The poet, who himself is a victim of the life threatening tremor, has captured the shattering experiences of nature’s wrath. He, who claimed that “I usually do not cry’, also cried when he found the thriving capital city turned into debris…
Reading Quaking Cantos is like reaching to an unknown island where people are left at the mercy of Nature’s wrath, where life and its charms hold no significance. What matters is the big ‘sunya’, and a reminder that there is nothing left on the “shelves of the grocery stores” and things have been “cleared out like meat on his bones
Dr. Hemanta K Jha, Professor English Literature, Amity University, India


Yuyutsu Sharma: Reading Schedule 2015

Yuyu at Oyster Bay Photo By Bill Wolak

Yuyutsu Sharma is South Asia’s leading poet published by Nirala with growing International acclaim. He is currently in New York City as a visiting poet at New York University and had several g readings in Nicaragua, New York, Boston and West Coast. Here is a list of some the immediate readings.
(Only Public readings are listed)

Nicaragua International Granada Poetry Festival,
Granada, Nicaragua, Feb 15 Feb-23, Feb

3.00 a 4.00 PM

Presenta: Gioconda Belli
Lugar: Feria del Libro

Poemas Image

Lugar: Plaza de la Independencia

Primera Mesa:
Ernesto Cardenal ( Nicaragua), Luis Eduardo Aute ( España), Richard Blanco( EU) , Eduardo Chirino ( Perú), Marco Antonio Campos ( México), Eva Bourke ( Alemania), Walis Nokan ( Taiwán ), Yuyutsu Sharma ( Nepal/ India), Tugrul Tanyol ( Turquía)
2:00 a 6:00 PM

Septima Esquina:
Victor Rodríguez (Cuba), Yuyutsu Sharma ( Nepal/India),Alfonso Fajardo ( El Salvador), Héctor Avellán ( Nicaragua) Juan Gavura ( Eslovaquia)
10:00 AM a 12:00 PM
Lectura de poesía en la ciudad de Managua:
Colegios: Pierre y Marie Curie, Doris María

Les Wicks ( Australia), Yuyutsu Sharma( Nepal-India), Beng Bert ( Suecia ), Héctor Avellán ( Nicaragua)

Long Island University, Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday, March 3, 2015, with Charles Fisherman, Long Island University, Host: THE POETRY CENTER at LIU-Post at Steinberg Art Museum Hillwood Commons12:30-1:30 common hour. This event is free and open to the public. Sponsors include the LIU- Post Poetry Center and Poets & Writers, Inc., with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

Friday, March 13, 6.00 pm, An Evening with Yuyu, at The Poets Hall,1140 E, Lake Rd, Erie, PA 16507

Friday, March 15, 3.00 pm, Poetry and Photography Workshop, followed by a reading at BGFA,33 3rd St. SE #103 Barberton Ohio 44203
Whittier College, California, Friday, March, 27, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015, 6.00pm, Yuyutsu Sharma reading at Phoenix Poetry Series, with Bill Wolak and Carolyn Wells, Left Bank Books, NYC, 17 8th Ave (Between Bank and W 12th Streets), New York. Hosted by Mike Graves, (212) 924-5638, open reading follows…

, March 26, 2015 – 7:00pm, Whittier Collge, Guest Readings: Yuyutsu Sharma and Vandana Khanna at Wardman Library (7031 Founders Hill Rd., Whittier CA 90602, tel. 562-907-4247) Free and open to the public.

Sunday, March 29, 3:pm: Yuyutsu Sharma reading at Mosaic of Voices, with Tim Kahl, Rhony Bhopla, Nancy Aide Gonzalez & Penny Kline at Avid Reader at Tower, 1600, Broadway, Sacramento, Ca. 95818

Friday, April 10, 2015 Yuyutsu Sharma at The Grolier Book Shop, Cambridge, Introduced by William Wolak, The Grolier Book Shop, 6 Plympton Street, Cambridge,

Thursday, April 16, Yuyutsu Sharma reading with Sharon Dolin at New York University, Office of Global Studies in collaboration with NYU-SPS, Details Follow

April 30, Yuyutsu Sharma reading with Christian Wiman at Columbia University, Columbia-ISSO, Columbia Global Poets Series: A poetry reading in collaboration with International House-New York City, and the Columbia School of General Studies. Details Follow

Famous Nicaraguan Poet Gioconda Belli launches Indian Edition of Yuyutsu Sharma's Poemas de Los Himalayas translated by Spanish Poet Vernica Aranda launched in Niracagua

Poemas ImagePoemas ImageJaconda
FIPG Nicaragua 2015
“Poemas de los Himalayas” conquista Granada
Por: Néstor Arce
Yuyutsu Sharma, poeta nepalí invitado al Festival Internacional de Poesía de Granada. LAPRENSA/D.LÓPEZ
Yuyutsu Sharma, poeta nepalí invitado al Festival Internacional de Poesía de Granada. LAPRENSA/D.LÓPEZ

El mundo se resume en Granada. Nepal llenó la Plaza de los Leones con versos que denuncian la pobreza, que alaban la belleza y que piden libertad.

Yuyutsu Ram Dass Sharma, poeta nepalí, presentó su libro “Poemas de los Himalayas” junto a la poeta nicaragüense Gioconda Belli.

“Los poemas de Yuyutsu evocan esos lugares cuyos nombres están llenos de grandes hazañas, de conquista de alturas y de naturaleza, cuyo lado oscuro también revela la poesía de ese hombre de las nieves”, así lo define Gioconda Belli, quien conoció a Yuyutsu en Londres, durante un “parnaso” poético.

Yuyutsu nació en Nakodar, pero su familia se traslado a Nepal cuando él era joven. Escribe en nepalí e inglés y es un incansable viajero, que enseña literatura, escritura y lee poesía en América y Europa. Ha publicado ocho selecciones de poesía, ha traducido y publicado varias antologías de poetas del Nepal.

La poesía presentada en “Poemas de los Himalayas”, es poderosa, contenida y lo mismo se alza a las alturas del lirismo que se ocupa de la depredación de los alpinistas que acuden en multitud al Everest y otras montañas, explotando animales, poniendo en peligro la vida de los sherpas.

Su poesía es una denuncia constante al peligro que representa dañar el entorno natural de los Himalayas.

Para Belli, Yuyutsu habla con sabiduria y humanidad de la vida y lo que sucede en ciudades como Amsterdam y Nueva York, de temas como las drogas, del amor y de la democracia.
Gioconda Belli, poeta nicaragüense junto a Yuyutsu Sharma, poeta nepalí. LAPRENSA/D.LÓPEZ

Gioconda Belli, poeta nicaragüense junto a Yuyutsu Sharma, poeta nepalí. LAPRENSA/D.LÓPEZ

La Prensa News
jo yuyu
ival, FINPG2015, Granada, Nicaragua, Poesía
‹ 14 de febrero deja ventas de 7.47 millones de dólares en mercados de Managua
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One comment on ““Poemas de los Himalayas” conquista Granada”

Victor M Ortega dice:
febrero 16, 2015 a las 8:38 pm

Me agrada que exalten al poeta de Nepal, pero yo le pediria a Gioconda Belli, que me envie su correo electronico para que de a conocer el poema mas precioso dedicado a la mujer, que exalta sus virtudes, valores, caracer, sentimientos. Escrito por la poetisa nicaraguense Ligia Ruiz de Ortega es parte del libro: “POEMAS… que brotan del alma” Te enviare el poema si lo deseas…

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