Folk Tales from Mithila

Folk Tales from Mithila is an authentic journey to the fabulous land of the world famous goddess, Sita, consort of Lord Rama, and her father, the philosopher king, Janaka.

Known in the entire world for its great figures like Maitrei, Mandavi Gargi (women scholars), Yagyabalkya and Vidyapati, Mithila is the land of wisdom and center of learning which falls in Nepal Terai as well as the Indian state of Bihar. Mithila culture is the second important culture of Nepal and its second language is Maithili.

Infused with an exhilarating sense of humor, witty, racy and eventful, these tales offer a unifying vision of a collective society which is just, humane and deeply spiritual.

An old man in this book goes to Heaven to find out the cause of delay in the rains and challenges the tyranny of an indolent god, Indra. He fights with him, defeats him and returns to earth.

Mundane in these tales fuses with divine. A mortal is here is described as superior to God because he ends unjust reign of lusty Indra, defeats him and gives him shelter.

Lord Shiva in one of the tales comes to the house of Mithila poet, Vidyapati and works as his servant, tortured as the poet is by his quarrelsome wife.

A just King in this book keeps the order of justice upright by correcting his self-centered, greedy priest.

The magic tricks of a Thug king are exposed and in the end he loses his kingdom. The Sun-god himself emerges to bless a common girl and she becomes a princess.

These tales, thus, capture the popular imagination of an agrarian society and reflect dreams, aspirations, and struggles of an innocent man, untouched by the nightmares of a modern material world.

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