Maoists in the Land of Buddha

Maoists in the Land of Buddha
Prakash A Raj

An Analytical Study of the Maoist Insurgency in Nepal
ISBN81-81-85693-42-0 2004
Hard pp.210 Rs.395 Indian
Prakash A Raj is Nepal’s internationally known scholar and travel writer.
Maoists In the Land of Buddha

Maoists In the Land of Buddha

Maoists is first comprehensive and candid account of the Maoist insurgency that has been rocking the Himalayan kingdom for nearly a decade now.
Authentic and up-to-date, the book discusses how Nepal popularly known as the birthplace of Buddha, the Emperor of world place has recently got a new name –a Nation of Maoist insurgents who want to abolish Monarchy and turn Nepal into a ‘Peoples’ Republic.
The Maoists control a large part of the country, especially in the Western hills and more than 7,000 people were reports to be killed by the end of 2002. The continuation of the Insurgency causes a grave setback to the Democratic set-up in Nepal that has flourished since 1990 popular Movement that resulted in the people of Nepal being sovereign.
The author here attempts to uncover the roots of this turbulence, outlining Maoist targets in destroying nation’s infrastructure, in burning books and closing down of schools and provides an insight into the mind and motives of the insurgents. Including details on the role of Dalits and Women in the Insurgency, Prakash A Raj unleashes the socio-political implications of the Movements and examines the role of the Neighboring countries, the Superpower and the Insurgencies in other countries in shaping the present face of the Maoists in Nepal. As numerous Dialogues and Ceasefires continue to fail time and again, the disturbing question book grapples is – Will Maoists ever give up their arms or will Nepal turn into another Cambodia, Peru or Afghanistan?

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