A Concise History of the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal
by Jagadish Rana

Jagadish Rana is Nepal’s leading litterateur today. Nepal sheds light on the origin and evolution of the Nepalese culture in a historical perspective.

In this book, the author has presented mainly two aspects of Nepal’s culture.

Firstly he has traced the undercurrent of history and the rhythm of human affairs which he regards as formidable forces that shape the culture of a country.

Secondly, he has underlined how when a migrating tribe or horde or groups of people or even new religious preachers entered and mingled with the local people, the cultural intermingling took place and the process of metamorphosis continued till the new culture moved away from the direct influence of the migrant’s culture as a Nepalese style of local culture flowered and matured.

Placed between sloppy writings, and the erudite works, this book offers in a nutshell an overall view of the cultural scenario of Nepal, and raises certain crucial questions and controversies that have haunted scholars on Nepal at home and abroad.

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