The Dhimals


The Dhimals: Miraculous Migrants of Himal: An Anthropological study of a Nepalese Ethnic Group 

Rishikeshab Raj Regmi 


Edition: 2016

Paper pp.269 Rs.295

he Dhimals: Miraculous Migrants of Himal captures the mechanism of an agrarian Nepalese ethnic group caught in the crossfire of tradition and modernization. Dr. Regmi, for the first time, attempts to analyze the society of the Dhimals in a purely anthropological perspective. Describing all around socio-cultural facets of the Dhimals society, Dr. Regmi endeavors to study and determine how certain demographic, ecological and social changes are interacting with the traditional setting in the Jhapa district of Eastern Nepal Terai to alter its basic social structure and cultural traits. Dr. Regmi adopts a systematic development approach and places emphasis on the relevance of economy, occupational variables to the social structure of the Dhimal families. The book is an authentic account of the little-known migrants of Himal who are attempting to adjust the pressures of modernization without letting their traditional value system collapse. “The well-known Nepalese scholar and anthropologist, Dr. Rishikeshab Raj Regmi has vividly analyzed the entire socio-cultural structure of the fast-changing society of Dhimals of the Nepal Terai. His study with an anthropological perspective widely covers the theme he has undertaken for his scholarly pursuit and shows how custom and tradition influences behavior, economy, polity and how developing societies are adjusting themselves to the influence of modernization.” Dr. Ishwar Baral Former Vice-Chancellor, Nepal Academy, Kathmandu