Tourism in Nepal

Tourism In Nepal

Tourism in Nepal. ISBN 81-85693-69-2 2000. Hard pp.3 99. Rs.495 IndianMarketing Challenges

Marketing Challenges

by Hari Prasad Shrestha

Tourism in Nepal is a brilliant piece of original and fresh research. It is probably the first full-length attempt to access the existing tourism-marketing set-up in Nepal.

Focusing on the empirical analysis of the promotional efforts and impact of tourism on the overall development, Dr. Shrestha surveys the historical development of tourism in Nepal with a precise review of its theoretical foundations.

Critically examining the relevant literature available so far, he identifies the tourism products and the existing infrastructure.

Trends of tourist arrivals (on the basis of age, sex, region, nationality, purpose and season) along with an examination of world tourism and position of South Asia and Nepal in particular in the international arena are systematically presented.

Analyzing the views and perceptions of the tourists visiting Nepal, tourist related agencies and tourism experts that can influence an increase in the tourist arrivals; Dr. Shrestha suggests that Nepal must overcome its problems on a systematic and time-bound basis.

Lack of co-ordination between the Government and the private sector seems to be one of the major factors that retard the growth of tourism in Nepal.

Similarly, the problems of inadequacy of access to the country, growing environmental problems, especially in the Kathmandu valley and the poor preservation and development of tourist resources have to be purposefully addressed in order to preserve the mystique of the world’s most cherished tourist destination.

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