Recent Nepal

Recent Nepal

Recent Nepal.

by Laksman Bahadur K.C

Laksman Bahadur K.C is a well known Nepalese political analyst. Recent Nepal celebrates the 1990 People’s Movement which toppled the autocratic one-party-Panchayat system and ushered an era of new political awakening in modern Nepal.

This democratic upsurge not only restored the system of parliamentary democracy which late King Mahendra had abolished in 1960, it opened the doors of hope for a just, prosperous and powerful Nepal to emerge in the years to come.

The book, which opens with an objective account of the democratic movement, and an analysis of the factors that led to the collapse of the despotic Panchayat system, moves on to shed light on efforts made by Nepalese masses to preserve democracy and consolidate multi-party set-up.

The chapters that follow deal with the salient features of the new Constitution, the 1991 General Elections, Nepalese foreign policy, role of political parties and the position of constitutional monarchy in Nepal.

The author generously adds a chapter on the recent local elections and a “postscript” on burning issues such as Tanakapur, and composition of the new Congress Working Committee.

Recent Nepal is a handbook of contemporary Nepal to be preferment by all those interested in knowing the political upheavals taking place in the heart of Nepal.

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