The Nepala-Mahatmya of Sikanda Purana

The Nepala-Mahatmya of the Skandapurana is the first full length translation of the Sanskrit text, the Nepala-mahatmya, translated by Dr. Jayaraj Acharya, an internationally known Nepalese scholar

The original text, written around mid-ninth century A.D. is a religious ‘Glory of Nepal’. It is an independent Nepalese contribution to the existing body of the Puranas. It is about the importance of the sacred places and deities in and around the Kathmandu valley, narrating the stories related to Changu-Narayana, Ganesa, Visnu, Krishna, Chandrama, goddess Chandeshwari, demon king Kansa, poet Valmiki and many others. It is an attempt by ancient Nepalese scholars to explain the origin of the religion and to interpret their cultural background in their own way. The legends on the Kathmandu Valley reflect man’s perception of space and time, explaining how landscape shapes the literary imagination of human mind. The Nepala-mahatmya exhibits a kind of religious syncretism, an inescapable phenomenon observed in daily life of Nepalese people, by putting Shiva, Vishnu and Buddha not only at the same level but as one and the same.

The book is a mine of riches about Nepalese history, geography, culture, art and architecture.

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  1. I am interested in a preview of this book and finding out the price and place from which I can buy this. I live in Chennai India. Could you let me know? Thanks.


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