Paperback edition of "The Yeti: Spirit of Himalayan Forest Shamans' to appear in June

The Yeti
Spirit of Himalayan Forest Shamans
Larry G. Peters
ISBN 9-788182-500525 2014 Hard pp.128

Dr. Larry G. Peters is a world-renowned scholar and initiated Shaman in the Tibetan tradition. The book takes a fresh look at the yeti, the elusive snowman of the Himalayas. Peters here aspires to establish the yeti as the spirit of the Himalayan Forest Shamans. In his view, Evolution-minded researchers’ hunt for ‘missing-link’ led to a scientific dead-end and the yeti who became associated with research fell into disrepute as a superstitious wed to spurious theory. Consequently, the yeti academically became “an abominable snowman”.

Yeti is a living, current, popular mythology and a folkloric treasure whose origin the present book seeks to explore. Tracing its history to the pre-Buddhist, fierce spirit of Nature-mountain goddess and forest wild men of Bonpo shamanism in Tibet, Dr. Peters uncovers the hidden chapters of human history, evaluating the cross-cultural implications of religious practices, myths rituals, legends and scriptures.

The Yeti, to sum up, it a sparkling piece of original research written with an objective to rehabilitate interest in the study of yeti as a spiritual teacher and initiator of shamans.

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