Yuyutsu in New York: poetry reading dates confirmed

Yuyutsu Sharma reading in New York

Yuyutsu Sharma is one of Nepal’s leading poets published by Nirala Publications, and has a growing international reputation. He is currently in New York, and has five forthcoming readings there, details below:

• December 30, 2010: at the Blue Mountain Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, 4th floor, New York, NY 10001 (between 10th and 11th Avenues). Tel: 646 486 4730. Yuyutsu Sharma will be reading from his ‘Nepal Trilogy.’ (This is a private reading with limited seats, please email here if you intend to come)

• January 1, 2011 (between 10 and 12 pm) at the Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, (Between Houston and Bleecker), F train to 2nd Ave, 6 to Bleecker. tel: 212-614-0505. Yuyutsu will be reading as part of the 17th Annual Alternative New Year’s Day Spoken Word / Performance Extravaganza‘,

• Monday January 3, 2011 (starts 7.30pm): at the Saturn Series Poetry Reading, Nightingale Lounge, 213 2nd Avenue, NYC @ 13th Street. A short walk East of Union Square. $3.00 entrance. Yuyutsu will be featuring.

• Thursday January 13 (from 6 – 7:30 p.m.) Lower Branch Library, 2600 Bayshore Rd., Villas, NJ 08251. Tel: 609 886 8999. Yuyutsu Sharma and Diane Hamilton will be reading at the launch of Diane Hamilton’s ‘Lizard Licking, Donegal & Other Poems’, published by Nirala Publications.

• Saturday January 15 (6:00 pm) Yuyutsu will be reading from his Helambu book at the Utopian Directions, 7 West st. Warwick Village, N.Y.

Student, Politics & Democracy in Nepal, 1940-2008

Meena Ojha is a well known Nepalese political analyst.

His new book, Student, Politics & Democracy in Nepal, 1940-2008 has just been published by Nirala Publications.

Up-to-date and authentic, empirical and original, Student, Politics & Democracy in Nepal looks at the turbulent chapters of Nepalese history from a fresh angle. Offering a fine fusion of journalism and contemporary history, Meena Ojha examines the role of student movements in shaping the fate and future of contemporary Nepal, and asks several formidable questions —

  • What may be the causes of student movements?
  • Why do only students initiate movement and remain at the forefront?
  • What are the causes, and results of the movements?
  • Where and who make the plans and programs of the movements?”

Based on first hand research including interviews of over a hundred student leaders, posters, booklets, leaflets, bulletins and several materials provided by different student organizations, the book opens new doors to understand the ongoing political commotion that at the moment seems to draw worldwide attention.

Student, Politics & Democracy in Nepal, 1940-2008
by Meena Ojha. ISBN 81-8250- 025-7 2012. Hard pp.437. Rs. 795.

Latest Poetry Books

Just Released

Milarepa’s Bones, Helambu
33 New Poems
Yuyutsu RD Sharma
ISBN-81-8250-032-X 2012 Hard pp.82

Formed by 20th century South Asian and North American poetry movements and himself a verbal renewer of his country’s literature, Yuyutsu indefatigably writes along rivers and paths, mountains, valleys and villages, verse after verse…
Dr. Christoph Emmrich ,
South and Southeast Asian Buddhism at the University of Toronto.

Garuda & Other Poems of Astral Plains
David B. Austell
ISBN-81-8250-038-9 2012 Hard pp.64

“From Garuda to Saluda (that is, from the Hindu man-bird deity to a tiny town in North Carolina), David Austell’s new collection explores recurring themes of masculine identities and human complexities with precision and grace. This poetic world is one of unerring attention to tight image and emotional nuance, with a sometimes terrifying undercurrent of recurrent meanings drawn from a wide range of cultural allusions, all shared by a guide whose capacious voice can contain both deep mysteries and no small dash of humor. Austell shows us the unforgettable feel of the club of young adolescent “He-men” on a quest for a secret stream; a southern woman looking back to the Dixieland of ambiguities of raced, gendered, and classed expectations; the dangerously aching erotics of the male gaze or the musical score. The final long poem “The Final Pitch on Olympus Mons” is an utter tour de force of baseball, poetics, science fiction, and a shiveringly unstable encounter with absolute Otherness. Not many volumes of poetry are real page-turners as well as perfect pitches: this one is.”

Meg Harper

Glucksman Professor of Contemporary Writing in English, University of Limerick Limerick, Ireland

Inside Out, Upside Down, & Round and Round
Poems Selected & New
John J. Trause
ISBN-81-8250-049-4 2012 Paper pp.83

Dizzy from diving into John J. Trause’s new collection of surprising poems, I urge you to enter!

Let the title swirl and turn you into his wild array of inventions.  Witty, ribald, arch, they tease and entice. They are smart poems. With eclectic topics, he applies a scholar’s encompassing mind and an artistic eye for colorful detail. Trause is not only a prosodic humorist, he is as ever a proficient scholar, and these poems prove his rigorous power. Note his classical and Biblical knowledge, the many languages at his command, and the contemporary scenes he pulls into focus—even on a mocking tour of north NJ towns! These poems take a reader traveling through many lands of rhyme and reason; hurry to see what Trause finds “Outside the Zoo” in the poem of that title, enjoy his complex vocabulary, laugh with his riffs.  Don’t let the abstruse words retain you from the lively banter.  Run and climb. I tried to swim through, but found myself riding the waves. These poems will entertain you, make you study, make you gasp. You may turn round and read again, they will make you a little wiser than before John J. Trause took hold.

Madeline Tiger, author of From the Viewing Stand

All The Way From Kathmandu
Selected Jazz Poems
John Clarke
ISBN-81-8250-042-7 2012 Paper pp.82

Careful how you hold this book. It might burn.

But beautifully.

With life.

And with love.

Billy Jenkins

“Jazz poetry that will give you wings”

Dean Stalham Director, ‘Artsaveslives’

“Jazzman john does with words what Coltrane did with the horn”

Geoff  Parker,’ Brixtongue’

Journey Though India and Nepal : Poems/Pictures
Robert Scotto & Lu Wu
ISBN-81-8250-045-1 2012 Hard pp.82

The pillow book result of Robert and Lu Wu’s passage to Hindustan and the Himalayas.

Like his master Whitman, Scotto describes ‘as accurately as possible what he saw and reflect as honestly as I was able to on what it meant.’ And Lu weaves  her carpet of lurid colors that  can induce you to pack up and head for a very long journey. A stunning mine of riches, the book shows results of crossing borders to become bridges.

Incident on the Orient
Poems by George Wallace
ISBN-81-8250-044-3 2012 Paper pp.63

“An exciting and youthful journey of poems and adventures, we follow with enthusiasm, this young man’s journey to India. To travel to India is to search for yourself. For it is ever true that the journey leads to where you have always been”

-Donavan Leitch

No Child More Perfect & Other Poems
Christi Shannon Kline
ISBN-81-8250-039-7   2012   Paper  pp.82

Watch out!  Christi Shannon Kline’s poems are original.  She speaks her mind: ordinary and desperate,
frank and unfaked and full of feeling.  The poems sing, and we welcome their freshness.

Marie Ponsot– poet, winner of the National Book Critics’ Circle Award

Things Missed in Exile
New Poems
E. Avi Frishman
ISBN-81-8250-039-7   2012   Paper   pp. 52